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Book marketing is a waste of time

on October 27, 2017


Let me explain. In my humble opinion, and after years of constant struggle, I have come to the realization that my efforts can be better utilized by just doing what I love; and that is, writing. I have tried virtually every platform out there to try and market my books – FB ads, Amazon ads, BookBub ads, YouTube ads, free book promotions via KDP, radio appearances, newspaper and magazine articles etc…

And do you know what? All these efforts add up to zilch, nada, niente – you get the point. And this would lead me to becoming despondent and slightly angry. But angry at what and to whom? Nobody is to blame for the end result.

After all, I had been reading all the advice over the years – get a FB page, get a blog and post regularly, Twitter et al. But let’s face it, have you ever bought a book by reading a Twitter post or reading a blog post? I know I haven’t. I’ve tried utilizing all these platforms, but it just doesn’t suit my personality. All I really wanted to say was, ‘Could you just buy my bloody books please!’  But that wouldn’t be a subtle marketing strategy would it?

Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from readers and I will always respond to any question I receive. That to me is the real satisfaction of being a writer; to know that your writing has inspired someone enough to get in contact.

If you’re a novice writer and are just starting out on your journey, by all means have a presence on social media and build a profile, but don’t waste too much energy on them. Write a book, edit and polish it and then publish your masterpiece. Then get on with the task of writing another. I strongly believe that one can only gain traction by word-of-mouth sales and a huge amount of luck.

So, this will be the last blog post I’m going to make, and I’m tootling off to write my next masterpiece! But please feel free to reach out and contact me – I’ll be extremely glad to respond 🙂


2 responses to “Book marketing is a waste of time

  1. David Pepper says:

    Dear Café Novelist,
    How I echo your words! With all the money that I have spent on promoting my book I could have paid a publisher to print my book, then hawked it around bookshops!

    However, I am trying to raise interest in my book by placing it on ‘INKITT’; it’s ‘reader powered publishing!’

    I am not affiliated but just thought it’s worth a mention.

    David Pepper, (writing as David Winston)


    • Hi David,
      I think if we as authors were more honest with each other we’d realize that everyone finds it hard, and only the lucky few make it.
      It’s a mammoth task isn’t it? Yes, I’ve nosed around Inkitt, but I’m not sure I’ve utilized it properly! I wish you all the best with it.
      Thanks for getting in touch 🙂


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