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Kindle ‘page-flip’ affecting author’s earnings

on April 14, 2017


You’ve heard me moan on here before about Kindle’s new ‘page-flip’ reading system. Well, I’m not done yet! After seeing my page reads go from in the thousands to just 1 this month, yes, you heard it right – just 1 page, I’ve decided enough is enough. Whilst Amazon are remaining very tight-lipped about this issue and are refusing to discuss the matter, I’m trying to heighten awareness.

I have recently read an interesting article online about a way to disable ‘page-flip’ by embedding a code in the files that one formats for the Kindle process. Now, it is quite technical and I’ll try my hands at most things, but this is beyond me so I’ve outsourced it to the guy who formats my paperbacks. I’m not sure if it will work yet, but once he delivers my files and I’ve uploaded them I’ll report back.

Anyone else had this issue? Please tell me I’m not alone! 🙂


6 responses to “Kindle ‘page-flip’ affecting author’s earnings

  1. Liz says:

    Vellum, a Mac program, disables Page Flip. I saw a dip in my page reads in January when Amazon enabled it on all my KU books and i re uploaded them in Vellum and Page Flip was disabled again.


    • Hi Liz,
      Thank you very much for contacting me. Yes, I have read about that since. However, I don’t readily have access to a Mac, so I’m going to see how this works first. Did you use any of their features such as the scrolls at the start of each chapter? I haven’t looked into the full features as of yet, but it’s something I’m considering.
      Best wishes,

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      • Liz says:

        If you need any help, I can format it for you as long as it’s in docx form with page breaks for chapters. I hate seeing authors get 1 page reads across the board and my book felt the effect of lower page reads the moment page-flip was enabled. I used to format via so I was able to choose a theme with a lot of scrolly things – although they sometimes do not appear in the Kindle version anyway – and it worked. But when Vellum announced that the latest update could disable Page Flip again, I was on it. I’ve since removed my bestselling book from KU since that incident because it left me feeling trapped knowing I had lower page-reads due to whatever it was Amazon was doing on their end (and denying that anything was wrong) while I was paying good money in advertising, sending readers to Amazon. I still have 2 books in KU but the rest are wide.


      • Thanks Liz, that’s so kind of you to offer, but I couldn’t impose. I think I’ll have access to a Mac soon and then I can format my 3 works. I think it’s so dishonest and underhand of Amazon to treat us so shabbily. If I hadn’t done my research online then I would have begrudgingly accepted it. The word will become more widely known soon and I hope they’ll be shame-faced (but I doubt it!).

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      • Liz says:

        I think they’re promoting their own imprints more which are exclusive to them. I’ve heard of Amazon offering authors a one-time payment of $5K to have their book exclusive to Amazon for 6 months. That’s all you get for those 6 months and when you think about it, if they’re willing to pay $5k for 6 months’ royalties advance, they know they’ll make 5 to 10 times that amount back. As scary as it sounds, going wide with some books is the best long-term move I’ve ever done. It takes advertising but I was already doing it when the books were in KU. Good luck and hope you get Page Flip disabled soon!


      • As if it isn’t hard enough being a self-published author! I tried going wide, but not for long admittedly. At least I was getting thousands of pages read before the ‘page-flip’ disaster, and hopefully I’ll go back to those numbers. Thanks for reaching out to help me 🙂

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