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Amazon shafting authors!

on March 26, 2017


Do you notice anything different about the two graphs I’ve included with this post? It’s hard not to miss. I’m referring specifically to the blue line which reports on ‘pages read’ as reported by Amazon for Kindle Unlimited. I had been fortunate enough to have well over a couple of thousand pages read every month for several years. And while not earth shattering for some I was comforted knowing that my books were being read on a daily basis.

And then – bam! Overnight the pages read graph plummeted to only a handful of pages read (refer to graph below). Initially I was flummoxed and disappointed and I began to investigate online, and that’s when I found other authors in the same position as me. But when contacting Amazon to notify them of this discrepancy I received the same pat response as others.

I don’t believe their reply that everything was correct and there was nothing wrong with their reporting system. I also don’t accept that one day I was having thousands of pages read and then just by chance it disappeared overnight and forever. It so happened that this anomaly occurred when Amazon introduced their ‘page-flip’ system on Kindle, which has accounted for reporting issues. It seems strange to me that the ‘higher-ups’ have not become aware of this problem and that authors are opting-out of KDP Select. If anyone has had the same problem then please get in touch with me. We, as authors need to pile on the pressure until they admit that they have in-house issues and that they can’t treat their authors in such a cavalier and casual manner.Screenshot 2017-03-26 14.34.29


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