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New Year’s writing resolutions

on January 6, 2017


I normally don’t hold much store in New Year’s resolutions as I have self-control bordering on being monastic in its nature. If I say that I will do something then I can be as reliable as the Japanese railways timetable! Equally, if I say that I’m going to give up something then I’ll do it, I don’t need a special date like New Year’s Day to achieve it -don’t get me started on the grief I’ve gotten from friends and family on giving up wheat recently.

But one thing I’ve realised is that one can be slightly obsessive about the whole self-publishing arena. I have recently joined several self-publishing forums on FaceBook, but after a couple of weeks I deleted them because all the posts from other authors seemed slightly desperate in the content of their posts. Now, we all want more exposure and would love to sell more books, but it can lead one into becoming distracted and demotivated.

So, as from now I’m just concentrating on writing for myself and let things happen as and when. I think there’s too much emphasis on being busy all the time on social media and the like, but really, where does that get you? I believe that it drains one’s creative energies, which can otherwise be utilised more creatively.

So, be bold and do absolutely nothing but write for a while, and see how liberating it feels.



2 responses to “New Year’s writing resolutions

  1. lazypawsuk says:

    Hi Heath, Happy New Year to you and well done for giving up wheat. It does make a difference to how you feel in your gut.

    I agree with you about the nagging feeling that one is supposed to be selling one’s wares (oneself) on social media platforms to the detriment of one’s own writing projects. it’s striking a happy medium that helps.

    I wrote a Christmas story for my website (which is on cats) but on writing it, I realised that it had places to go. I’ve been making notes and when I’ve finished writing the current two unfinished books, then I’ll be on to it.

    It’s funny but I often thought I could only write about cats and although this story features a cat (for my website purposes) for the intended book, the story will be about a young boy.

    Good luck with all your writing projects. I wonder if this comment will make you laugh as you’ve said my others have done 😦

    Take care



    • Hello Pauline,
      Indeed, you have made me laugh – again! 😁 A Happy New Year to you too. You have a pithy way of writing which I find quite appealing. I hope your stories are coming on well. I might have said this before, but I find the whole social media circus quite tedious. How did you get on with Instagram?
      Best wishes,


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