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The power of social media

on October 28, 2016


As some of my followers might be aware already, I have become an over-excited new convert to Instagram. I have only recently discovered how very effective it can be. There is a social platform for everyone, I believe. As I have stated before, you never know who’s browsing on the internet and looking at your content. With hundreds of thousands of self-published authors out there it’s hard to get one’s voice heard.

Increasingly I grow tired, thinking of new ways to promote my books, which can quickly drain my creative energy. So, that is why I have taken to Instagram, whereby I can design my own images to pique people’s interest, and hopefully engage with me on my page. It allows me to post original content and exercise my creativity at the same time. This gives me a break from writing and allows  me to connect with people from all over the world.

So, there was I last night, creating my own version of a famous quote by Eckhart Tolle  ( see above ) and I posted it off into the ether, chortling away to myself. I had quite a number of comments and likes from that post, which was very satisfying. Then I literally had to do a double-take as I spotted a ‘like’ from the very man himself. This is a man who has sold million of books, most notably, The Power of Now. These are thought-provoking books and quite empowering; but it just goes to show that he is not without a sense of humour – luckily for me!

I couldn’t believe it. He has 166k followers and he still managed to spot my post and take the time to like it. It just goes to prove my original point that you never know who’s looking. I’ve posted a little screenshot below just to prove my point 🙂

Thank you, Eckhart!


Eckhart Tolle


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