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#Hashtagging with Instagram

on October 19, 2016



Until recently I’ve eschewed utilising a lot of social media platforms, considering them a bit of a waste of time for me personally. But one can’t ignore it and live in the stone-age, especially if like me, you have to maintain an author profile. But I find Facebook uninspiring, and I just can’t think of what to say. And as for Twitter, well, let’s not go there!

But then I rediscovered my Instagram account, which had lain dormant since I absently signed up for it months ago. After putting up a few random photos I had stored in my phone I wondered where else I could go with it. Then through a friend’s recommendation I signed up with With recommendations such as “Canva enables anyone to become a designer.” – I’ve since found that to be true, as I have no experience whatsoever.

Well, I must admit, I’ve become hooked! This has allowed me to redesign my own take on famous quotes that people share and repeat, which quite frankly get on my nerves! I’ve now found my social media niche as it allows me to be creative and use humour, and it is almost immediate. Take a look at my Instagram account and see if you agree! Heath Shedlake on Instagram.

After seeing a few other posts, I noticed their use of hashtags, and was intrigued. After all, I’d never really been aware of how powerful they could be. See this article on their usage – Instagram Hashtagging. Since utilising them in my posts I’ve seen a marked increase in the number of likes and followers I’ve received. Which is most comforting to my #fragile ego!

Here’s a nice comforting one to end with 🙂



7 responses to “#Hashtagging with Instagram

  1. lazypawsuk says:

    Hi Heath, I am on Facebook although I don’t write much – it’s for my website more than anything. And I am on Twitter; actually, trying to write something pithy that makes sense in just 140 characters is a good exercise on concise writing. I’ve never been on Instagram but signed up because of you. It better be good! What am I supposed to do with it now and where do I go from here?


    • Hello again 🙂 I’ve tried Twitter, but it’s not for me. Glad you’ve signed up for Instagram. In my short experience on it I’d recommend uploading good quality pictures or images that represent what you are trying to say or wish to say. Write a short comment on it and underneath it use the # symbol before a word that represents what the image is about and what communities you want to see it.
      I’d recommend using for creating good quality images. Look at my page for examples, it’s really very easy to use. You can only post photos from a smartphone if you have one? If you’ve created an image, send it to yourself via e mail then download on your phone and you can post that way.
      Hope this helps?


      • lazypawsuk says:

        Thanks for info, Heath. I’ve never downloaded anything on my phone. Scared to. I once had a bill for £192 on my mobile (monthly payments were usually £13.99). Apparently, we were down in Wiltshire and I had looked up how to get to somewhere – everytime we went out in the car, ‘it’ knew where we were. Incredulous, I said to the Other Half, ‘Gosh, this phone’s really clever. It knows where we are!’ I didn’t realise that I hadn’t logged out or off so it was constantly on the Internet – hence the enormous bill. Been frightened ever since then to use Internet for anything. I tend to use my computer to download anything or access stuff. Can I do what you’ve suggested using my computer?

        BTW: I downloaded the your two books this morning onto my Kindle. Once I’ve read them, I’ll give you a review on Amazon. Anywhere else you’d like one? Just let me know.


      • Wow, thank you very much! Very kind. Yes, reviews are always welcome 🙂 I know, mobile phones can be quite tricky. I always make sure I’m connected via WI-fi when I’m at home or in cafes. Unfortunately with Instagram you can only post photos with your phone. But if all you want to do is download photos then it’s very simple. Just look at the bottom of the Instagram screen and you’ll see a camera icon. If you click on that then it accesses your photos and you choose which one to share. It’s quite easy when you get the hang of it. I’ve written a novelette under the name of Grant Langley called Frozen Dinners, which is a crime story set in Brighton. I really enjoyed writing that one. How is your writing coming along?


  2. lazypawsuk says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention: I began a blog on WordPress: called it ‘the 21-day challenge to a new healthier and happier you.’ But I’m not overly impressed with WordPress – I can never find my previous blog entries on it. Who are you with? My email address if you want to discuss this with me – and writing stuff in general is or Both will find me. Thank you for your previous response to my comments.


    • Hi Pauline,
      Thank you for your comments, nice to hear from you. I think you write very well, and your comments make me laugh – I’m not sure if that was your intention? 😁 In answer to your previous comments I use and all my posts are visible on the landing page, and as each one is written the older one moves down the page. Is yours not similar?
      I personally am not interested in seeking agents or publishers and have never been too bothered. I think the self-publishing route is the best and at least it’s still ‘out there’ until you get a publishing deal. I have the name of a very good and affordable cover designer who designed Hope Not lost & Frozen Dinners for me, in case you’re ever in the need.
      I would concentrate on finishing one project totally but still tinkering with the others for a change of direction and focus. ProWriting Aid is a good add-on grammar checker, which can be used in Word – very useful and cheap.
      Hope this all helps?
      Kind regards


  3. lazypawsuk says:

    Hi Heath I’ve just been rereading my ‘memoir’ which is about my journey of living with leukaemia. (On 30th September I hosted a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support and then had my head shaved – I raised £740 which I’m over the moon about!). A friend in the US wanted to read it and as she’s a retired English teacher she’s made a few comments here and there which I have welcomed. I think, sometimes, you can be so close to your m/s that you can’t always see either mistakes, typos, or if something doesn’t quite gel. But I’m very happy with her comments and have a few chapters to sort out before I try and send it anywhere. I did send out a synopsis, bio, and first three chapters to a publisher that was accepting unsolicited manuscripts but they wrote back, thanked me, and said it wasn’t really what they were looking for.
    I also have two cat books – based on one of my cat’s ‘meowmoirs’! Don’t worry, I haven’t called it that. His diaries were very popular on my website and I’ve wanted to get them published for a long time. He got run over and killed in July 2013 just as I was editing the manuscript to his diaries and I put it away for a couple of years. One of my subscribers suggested I continue his diaries from Rainbow Bridge (an American concept) and I initially thought what a tacky idea that is. But that night, when I was asleep – 3.00 am is usually the time when my best ideas strike – I had to get up, put the computer on and I spent a frantic hour furiously typing with my eyes closed because all these ideas were hurtling out of my fingertips. I’ve finished that book – Conversations from the Bridge – but want to get his diaries finished first because I don’t want them to be published out of sequence.
    Procrastination is my middle name. I’m full of great ideas but then I get overwhelmed and then do nothing – but I’m determined before this year is out to finish all the books to a high standard where a publisher/agent will pick them up.

    Thank you for asking. And thank you for the tips on Instagram.

    Take care


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