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#PoweredByIndie – Why I love being an indie author

on October 4, 2016



I just received an e mail this morning from Amazon informing me about their celebration of great self-published writing in the month of October. They said to share via one’s blog why you love being an indie author, using this hashtag #PoweredByIndie. Click on this link for more information #PoweredByIndie

The thing I love about being an indie author is the feeling of complete freedom it provides.

Freedom to spend weeks not writing anything, without an editor breathing down your neck. Freedom to dream about being discovered as ‘the next big thing’. Freedom to publish books that nobody reads. Freedom to write content on social media that nobody comments on. Of course I’m jesting! 🙂

But sometimes it feels like it, doesn’t it? Being an indie author is a bloody hard slog and very lonely. It can also be very frustrating when, like me, you’re not so fond of social media, and then you read of someone who says something like, ‘Oh, I just posted a picture of my cute little kitten sitting on my laptop on FaceBook and I got 100,000 followers and my book became an overnight sensation!’

Where’s a kitten when you need one?!

But I do the best I can and I live in the hope that my books will finally reach a wider audience. That is why I am determined to remain an indie author as one never knows what could happen. But the thing is not to get caught up in the future and just keep on writing for today.

And to my fellow authors, remember to use the hashtag #PoweredByIndie so that Amazon might share your experiences of being an indie author. And just in case Amazon are reading this I LOVE being an indie author. Got it?! 🙂





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