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How to maximize your book sales

on September 25, 2016


As everyone knows, the largest player in the e-book industry is the mighty behemoth, Amazon. They offer indie authors the fantastic opportunity to self-publish their own books, thereby cutting out the middle man. Indeed, this is a great opportunity, and you press that ‘publish now’ button with great enthusiasm – me included. Thereafter follows the little known misery of being a self-published author – how to maximize your book sales.

Amazon have a clever marketing strategy of allowing you to enroll in KDP Select, whereby readers are able to borrow and read your book and even lend it to others for a period of time. I have been reluctant to change the status quo as I have been sucked in by the allure of Amazon’s KENP service. KENP stands for Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read. This means that an author receives royalties for this also, and it affects one’s sales rankings also. But the payments really are peanuts, unless you are one of the lucky authors who are seeing thousands of pages read every day.

I must admit that I have seen my royalty payments increase a little, but what could I be missing out on by publishing exclusively with Amazon? There are other players in the market, notably Barnes & Noble, Kobo, ibooks etc… Luckily there is a company out there that allows you to self-publish with them all, including Amazon.

That company is Draft2Digital. One can only register and publish with them if you are not currently enrolled in Amazon’s KDP select programme, otherwise you will fall foul of Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Now, I’m never one to follow the easy path and am more likely to follow the road less travelled. So that is why at the end of my KDP Select enrollment I will be giving Draft2Digital a try. After all, it’s all about how to maximize your book sales.


2 responses to “How to maximize your book sales

  1. Steph Carpenter ( BA ) says:

    Hope the writing is going well?! Interesting blog! Have forwarded your book details to my publishing friend, but not sure what help he can be as he deals with educational texts! You never know though! What is it they say?………” A man is judged by the books he reads! “…….. or in your case ‘ writes!’ By the way, remind me never to invite you for breakfast! Ha! 😝 “Ommmmmm!”


    • Hi lovely Steph! Hah 🙂 Thanks for doing that honey. I phoned up the Jeremy Vine programme the other day and got some exposure from that. I got a no from the agent, but that’s par for the course. Hope you’re well X


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