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Updating your social media footprint

on September 3, 2016


Now, I suspect that I am not alone amongst my fellow authors and many others out there of being a bit of a technophobe when it comes to social media, et al. After all, there are so many platforms to choose from and so much chitter-chatter going on, it makes one wonder if all the effort really is worthwhile. It’s a question of identifying those sites where you can positively engage with your chosen audience and of getting the word out.

I must admit that I’m not one for posting endlessly about my daily going’s-on as not even my girlfriend wants to hear about my day! That’s a topic for another discussion 🙂 But there are sites out there that can actually drive traffic to increase sales of one’s novels.

One such website is I set up a page with them many years ago for my debut novel, The Shamanic Prophecy, and subsequently forgot all about it. Sorry booklaunch guys! But I have to admit that I’ve ignored it at my peril. As I was sitting at my laptop the other day I decided to have a visit. That’s when I saw that a lot of the information I had submitted I have subsequently altered since. So, in a cafe with a couple of hours free and a cup of green tea to hand I updated all the relevant information. That’s when I came to the pricing section of my book and I noticed that I had left it at a higher price than it has been for a number of years now.

“Whoops!” I thought. “I’d better change that pretty pronto.”

All changes done I felt quite satisfied with myself and decided to visit the stats section. Thereupon I noticed to my satisfaction that I had quite a number of purchase clicks That’s when I realised that it pays to keep on top of those things.

Silly bugger! 🙂



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