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How to position your Kindle book in the right category

on August 30, 2016


With hundreds of categories and sub-categories on offer in the Kindle store, how can you be sure that you have yours placed in the right one? For quite a while now I’ve stuck rigidly to what I thought was the right genre for my novels. With a steady trickle of sales I didn’t want to upset the apple cart by changing tack.

Well, that is where Amazons’ ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’  section comes in handy. I looked up these books to discover what genre they were placed in, and I was surprised to find that they weren’t the same as mine. So that is where the habits of readers is a very useful tool. I’ve noticed that my novels are linked quite strongly to those of Paulo Coelho’s, and especially The Alchemist in particular.  That is where I realised that perhaps readers were experiencing a spiritual side to my books.

With a bit of research afterwards I decided that Visionary Fiction was the best fit for me. It took a while for me to notice any difference, but after a week or so I noticed an increase in sales. If you are experiencing a slight falter in sales, might it not be time to see if your books are in the right category? On its own this is just one tool in an author’s arsenal of achieving more sales. But with each little step forwards in self-promotion it all counts in getting the word out – does it not?!


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