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Is bigger always better?

on July 30, 2016


If only I could write a book as big and all-encompassing as War & Peace. But I don’t think I have it in me. And that doesn’t really matter does it? Some people seem to churn out massive tomes time and time again, and I always wonder how they do it. My books always seem to end up at around the 50,000 word count and as much as I ponder about some kind of ‘filler’, I don’t think it would be fair to the reader. After all, that is all it would be – just fluff to make it seem bigger.

But if you’ve provided enough character development, suitable dialogue, story-line and twists – then you’ve done your job as an author. Many, many times I’ve picked up a book and read past the half-way point and given up in exasperation as I’ve become bored or confused – or both. I think the problem with the more famous authors out there is that they’re pushed by their editors and publishers to churn out several novels a year of about 80,000 words or more to fulfill their contracts.

Oh, please don’t let me win a contract with a famous publisher – I just don’t know where I’d find those extra 30,000 words!

So, I’m just going to keep plugging away with what I consider to be reasonably sized novels to provide entertainment and value for money. After all, I’ve never had any reader complain that I hadn’t taken them on a merry-go-round of superfluous characters, wooden dialogue and dead-end plots. Not yet anyway!



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