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How to turn negative book reviews into a positive

on February 12, 2016


Are you an author, and have you received any negative feedback?

Well, I’ve just recently received my first two-star review and I’m absolutely fine with that! Let me explain.

None of us like the same things in life – be it films, food, drink etc… So, it is the same with books. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near a book or any product with all glowing five-star reviews. That’s not real life is it? As authors we can be precious and protective about our work. After all, we’ve spent many hundreds, if not thousands of hours honing our manuscripts. But if one is to publish a novel and put it out there into the big wide world, then it’s only common sense that some readers won’t like it. I think most people are driven to write reviews because they either really love a product or don’t. I don’t think many of us would take the time to write that we thought a product was just okay. So when I receive a new review my heart skips a beat or two.

I must admit that my first reaction was to feel a bit embarrassed and somewhat miffed to receive such a review. But on contemplation I feel that it has balanced things out somewhat. Saying that, I was relieved though, to receive two rather glowing reviews ( I blush as I write this! ) a few weeks later within quick succession of each other.

All is right with the world.” I thought afterwards!

I look upon my two-star review as a badge of honour, along with all the others. After all, it is recognition that I made that huge leap to present my work to the wider reading community.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to review authors’ works – be it good or bad.

I’m just nervously awaiting the first reviews of my second book now!

Keep on writing, and  be brave 🙂


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