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The finishing line

on January 6, 2016


Having just completed the sequel to my first novel I thought I would feel an enormous sense of achievement and well-being. After all, I had proved to myself and the wider-world that writing one book wasn’t just a fluke. I did feel happy for a while, but it was soon replaced by a feeling of despondency.

Let me explain.

This book had been a part of my life for almost two years. Yes, I’m a slow writer! After having written my debut novel, and featuring some of the same characters in the sequel, I felt like I had got to know them quite well. I carried their hopes and aspirations around with me and thought about what their next steps would be. Upon nearing completion, and after numerous edits I felt a growing excitement at what I was about to accomplish. As I worked with my designer to create a book cover it started to become real, just like it did with my first book. The story was written, the last few rounds of self-imposed editing complete, and a book cover created.

That was it, I had finished – tah dah!

But there it was, a huge void in my life had suddenly appeared and I must admit I wasn’t ready for it. I knew how much I had always enjoyed writing, but I must admit I wasn’t fully aware of its importance in my daily life. Yes, I have other activities like kite-surfing, paddle-boarding, running and yoga, which I enjoy. But nothing can replace the feeling of creating a story and becoming fully absorbed with one’s characters. I realised that the reason why I felt so bereft was that I had no future writing plans and no ideas as to how to move forwards. However, I have learnt a valuable lesson from all of this angst, and that is not to fret about your future writing prospects. No matter how hard it feels at the time, ideas will flow and soon you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

So now I have started work on what will become a trilogy. And those around me can breathe a sigh of relief !

Happy writing 🙂

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