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Me and my big mouth!

on July 9, 2015

I thought it was a good idea when I walked into my local newspaper’s office last week and boldly asked if they would like to run an article about my novel. One quick phone call upstairs and a moment later a reporter arrived and began to ask me all about my writing experiences. Having a number of my own books under my stairs, I suggested that it would be a good idea to run a limited give-away with the article. I walked away promising to send appropriate photos and to finalise the piece and the practicalities of giving away the free copies.
I discussed this some time later with a friend of mine who has just refurbished a local bar, and he said I could hold a book signing event there. Emboldened by all my positive work in promoting my book I sent these details to the newspaper and eagerly awaited its publication.
Now the article is published and I have posted promotional material in the appropriate places, I have this sick feeling in my stomach – what if no-one turns up? 🙂 Of course, I know this is only a natural reaction and there is no way I’m backing out. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that. But these are the self-imposed traumas that we inflict upon ourselves as self-published authors in order to promote our work. I am supplying free tea, coffee and bubbly though, so I’m sure that at least one person will turn up, if only for that enticement alone! Just imagine giving a little welcome speech to one person – I’ll feel like I’m hypnotising them!
If anyone has held a book signing and has any advice to give me, I’d be glad to hear from you 🙂


13 responses to “Me and my big mouth!

  1. I have never held a book signing but I just had to comment. Even though I understand that these feelings are part of the natural process, I’m sure I’ll feel the same way you do when I get to that point. There will be times when no one shows up or even cares to listen to what you have to say, but keep on keeping on. You give people like me hope. It would be nice to hear about your experiences along the way. Please keep us updated. By the way, where is the signing and what book are you presenting.


  2. I’ve found with blogging, and I’m sure this applies to self publishing, it’s not about sitting around waiting for your bucket to become instantly filled. Rather, every new fan is like a drop and little drops collected over time form a slow trickle that will one day leave your bucket running over.

    In other words, if the only result is you meet a couple of new people, it’ll be worth it.

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    • Yes, thank you – that’s the way to look at it. It would be too overwhelming if it all happened overnight. Self-promotion is a constant battle to think creatively and one never knows where it will lead.

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