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Short story

on April 19, 2014

Having reached the second round of The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award recently I was just pleased to have made it through to the last two thousand. I didn’t make it through to the quarter-finals though. I wasn’t disappointed at all and was surprisingly pragmatic about it, life goes on and all that. It’s like actors going to auditions and receiving constant rejections. That’s what the world of a writer is like, it’s an almost masochistic existence in fact, waiting for the ultimate accolade or being the next big discovery!
To quote Jerome Kern, you have to:
“Pick yourself up,
Take a deep breath,
Dust yourself off.
And start all over again.”
So that’s exactly what I did and published a short story that very same evening in a bid to show my resilience, it was either that or the wine!


2 responses to “Short story

  1. Congrats on your successes in the Amazon competition. I agree with you that rejection is hard, almost more so when victory is in the sights. I remember acquiring an agent for my first non-fiction project (I was giddy with delight, and hey I still think it’s pretty awesome), but that book never did quite sell. Picking yourself up, as you say, and moving on is a difficult proposition for us artists (given as we are to bouts of self-doubt and nearly neurotic self-loathing tendencies). Thanks for the reminder to “keep my chin up” and keep chasing my next writing goal.


    • Thanks Christopher, yes we are fragile souls aren’t we?! Maybe it’s my stubborn streak or fear of people criticising my work but I never sought an agent and just cracked on with the self-publishing route! Good luck with your next project.


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