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My first book signing

on March 11, 2014

I am writing this post sitting in my local café on a glorious sunny winter’s day, looking out to sea with a big grin on my face. The reason for this is because I have just conducted my first book signing. This is one of the cafes in which I sell it and I was just discussing with the manager how humbled I felt that so many people have been buying it. After deciding to leave the money I have accrued for a rainy day (perfect weather by the way for writing!) I paid for my tea and set off to find a table. Then by chance I walked past two gentlemen who had picked up my book and I mentioned that I was the author. He just smiled at me politely thinking that I was having him on and wondered who I was! But after convincing him it in fact was me he asked me to sign it for his wife Jennifer. I didn’t think that he was going to purchase it, I just thought he was perusing it, which is fine with me, but even if I do say so myself it does have a rather compelling cover. So when he went to pay for it and then asked me to sign it I felt so happy and thrilled by that moment; it felt complete vindication for all the hard work and effort I have put into it. Fame at last- well at least a little, but it made my day!
Happy reading Jennifer! 🙂


2 responses to “My first book signing

  1. woodstart11 says:

    Brilliant idea to sell in cafe’s Heath – that’s thinking outside the proverbial box! It’s so hard to make your book stand out in a room full of books but an impulse buy when you’re buying a coffee – genius. I seem to recall something for my marketing days about independent thinking. You’ll probably be a trend setter! Best of luck!
    ps I heard you on Radio 2 – another awesome avenue of self-promo.


    • Thank you Woodstart for your kind and encouraging words. It is so hard as an Indie author coming up with inventive ways in which to promote one’s book, but so gratifying when it pays off! I did approach Waterstones and all the rest at the start but I like the solo approach now – bit of a maverick! 🙂 I was on BBC Sussex as well, but I’m running out of radio stations now!
      Best wishes,


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