Café novelist

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on February 10, 2014

Tired of blogging and getting no traffic? Have you sat at home smirking to yourself thinking of all the witticisms that you’re going to write which will leave people in stitches and follow your blog in droves?! It’s really hard isn’t it trying to find different ways in promoting your blog and what you have to talk about. I use my blog to ‘hopefully’ inform other Indie authors and other people who are interested, ways in which I have tried to promote my book and what works and what doesn’t.
I was talking to some colleagues the other day and probably boring the socks off them talking about my book. One tip by the way, if you see their eyes glazing over is to steer the focus away from yourself and ask ‘So what did you think of my book?’-hah! Now where was I? Oh yes! My colleague came up with a really original and simple way of promotion which he had seen whilst on his travels. He kept coming across a website written in chalk on the pavement (side-walk for those of you in the States!). With his interest piqued he went home to look it up and still remembers it to this day.
I thought to myself that is so simple and brilliant, so when I got home I couldn’t wait to rush out and deface every pavement with my website! It is all done in chalk remember so there is no chance of being locked-up for graffiti- hopefully! I live by the sea and luckily we get a lot of foot traffic along it so I wrote out my website several times, trying to ignore people staring and wondering what that nutter was doing! And do you know what? The next day I got the most traffic that I had in weeks and if I sold a couple of books along the way, then even better. Did I tell you it is called The Shamanic Prophecy by the way?! Whoops, sorry I can see your eyes glazing over- ‘What do you think of my book by the way?!’
So get the chalk out if you want some cheese 🙂


3 responses to “Graffiti?!

  1. justmoo33 says:

    Cool idea. I’ll implement it as soon as it stops raining here in the uk 🙂


    • Hi Justine,
      It was just a silly little idea but it does work and I thought it might make for an amusing post! 🙂 Yes, I must admit that the blooming rain is a bit of a problem, I might use water-proof chalk next time. Not long to go until the CreateSpace competition eh?!


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