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Overcoming nerves

on January 21, 2014

I was reading an article in the ‘Writing Magazine’ the other day with interest( It was about using the power of radio in which to promote your self-published novel. It gave great tips on ways in which to secure a slot on the radio station of your choice, and it spurred me on to give it a go. It always helps to have a ‘local angle’ to your pitch, otherwise it would just be a straight forward plug for your work. That would be ok for a well-established author who has a loyal fan-base, but for us unknowns (so far!) it has to some appeal to the local audience.
So I contacted BBC Radio Sussex and found out the name of the editor and the producer so that I could personalise my e-mail. I didn’t really expect much to tell you the truth, but two days later I received an e-mail from the presenter, asking if I would like to come on her afternoon programme. I was so excited I can’t tell you! Unfortunately a while later those self-doubting gremlins took root in my mind and I imagined all sorts of worse-case scenarios. Chiefly among them was if I accidentally swore on air (not that I’m in the habit of swearing by accident!); the more I thought about it the more concerned I became. Also I worried that I might just dry up in the middle of the interview and flee the studio in a state of panic. Luckily though I subdued these doubts and no matter how nervous I became I knew that it was a golden opportunity for me.
I therefore researched everything I could find about the station, the interviewer, audience figures and statistics. I also went over the key facts in my book as it is set in seventeenth century Venezuela with a lot of historical detail. There’s nothing more disconcerting than being wrong-footed. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance 🙂 So after finding out exactly where the station was I turned up in plenty of time and went through some relaxation techniques in my car!
Suffice to say my doubts were unfounded and the interviewer (Allison Ferns) put me at my ease and was a skilled interviewer. The interview lasted twenty minutes and they literally flew by and I was disappointed when it came to an end as I had so much more to say! As I was leaving the studio I was pleasantly surprised when Allison asked if I would like to come back and be their newspaper reviewer on air for a while. Now my interview might not have placed me at #1 in the Amazon bestseller charts but if I had given into my gremlins then I would never have been offered the opportunity to return. I was reminded of the title of Louise.L.Hays’ book ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway’.
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4 responses to “Overcoming nerves

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  2. Denise says:

    Oh my God – I am so impressed by your website and Blog – it’s giving me inspiration and motivation to start writing!!! How fantastic to be on radio and to be offered a job with them reviewing papers?! You are certainly a very interesting character!

    Denise x


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