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Book promotion

on December 29, 2013

Promoting your work as a self-published author is a bloody nightmare – truth be told! I have spent many hours searching on the internet of ways in which to increase the visibility of my work. To be honest a lot of the advice is useless and most of the articles include links to books which profess to teach you ways in which to sell shed-loads of your books. Well, if it was that easy then everybody would be doing it. Forget advice telling you to use social media to promote your work such as Facebook and Twitter. It would soon become tedious to the potential reader to be reading all about your book ad nauseam! It’s an energy-sapping waste of time, unless you are famous and have a huge following, and if you were then you wouldn’t bother with these kinds of platforms as people would be buying just from your fame alone.
Unfortunately for most of us authors we are not in that position, so we have to be constantly positive and come up with original ideas for self-promotion. Like most authors in the beginning I was hungry for reviews and who wouldn’t?! I have been very fortunate to have received some glowing reviews as of late due to a free promotion of my book I participated in on Goodreads. Some authors decry the use of participating in free giveaways of ones’ work, but if it’s your own then I say do what you feel is right. I have tried using peoples’ services on Fiverr to promote my book but that is only good for free books otherwise don’t bother as for the paid version nobody seems to be as enthusiastic – hmm, I wonder why?! In my humble opinion don’t bother too much with finding the right keywords on Kindle to describe your work. People don’t really browse for books in that manner in reality. It would be nice if we could all include our favourite authors names in the keywords and hope that would work but you would soon get in trouble with Amazon. So don’t fret too much with keywords such as murder, mystery, suspense, love, romance etc as you would just be in competition with thousands of others. Of course use your keywords to the best of your ability but I do think too much attention is paid to it as opposed to the sales that it generates.
I have paid for press releases and produced a Youtube video, been in the local paper, appeared in ‘Writing Magazine’, had an article written about me in our in-house newspaper at work which has a large circulation, been on Radio 2 to promote it ( a national radio station in the UK, for those of you reading this in the US! ). But do you know what REALLY works and is the best piece of advice I can give you? WORD-OF-MOUTH! I sold a number of my paperbacks in just one day just by talking to colleagues and now I always make sure I carry spare copies with me. I have been reticent about banging on about my book for fear of boring people, but I am forever humbled by the genuine interest that people show in my endeavours. So my New Year’s Resolution is to keep shouting about it from the rooftops – well, within reason!


4 responses to “Book promotion

  1. Sue Potter says:


    I have truly enjoyed our conversations via email and just wanted to let you know that I will be delivering ‘The Shamanic Prophecy’ to the Regional transportation Center here in Syracuse, New York (as we chatted about) tomorrow – hopefully before the sub-freezing temperatures set in to the area.

    And I will be hanging out to see the books new reader, possibly sneak a photo, and be wishing the reader and book alike a wonderful journey – wherever the bus or train takes them!

    Keep up the great work and I am awaiting the sequel to this endearing book.

    Sue Potter, avid Goodreads follower


    • Hi Sue,
      I too have enjoyed our conversations, I love the idea of my book going on a little adventure of its own. Perhaps it might entertain someone on a long trip and transport them to another place other than their final destination!
      All the best,


  2. tom cunliffe says:

    Heard your interview on R Sussex today and thought I’d look up your website. Very interesting and well designed. All the best with the book sales!


    • Hi Tom,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to contact me. I found Allison to be very friendly and she put me at my ease right from the start. I appreciate your encouraging words about future book sales 🙂


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