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on November 12, 2013

Well now is the time of year when my thoughts return more seriously to the art of writing. I find that during the summer months there are more pressing matters like kite-surfing, paddle-boarding and generally enjoying being outdoors! I find the winter months focus the mind and it’s a time to hunker down and take stock. I have been lucky enough to have received quite a few good reviews for my book lately and my thanks go out to those who have contributed.
Quite a few have been saying how they would enjoy reading a sequel, which is something I’ve had in mind for a while now. I have a rough outline of what the book will be about and I hope not to disappoint readers of my first novel. In fact I think it’s a lot easier to write one’s first novel as everything is an unknown and you have nothing to lose. But having readers who have invested time and money in your creative endeavours does focus the mind somewhat more. The good thing is that I have learned so much about the publishing process and creating book-covers that I won’t need to waste time on that any more. Now if we could all be like Harper Lee and write one stonking novel like ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ and never write again, then we could avoid all the angst of being a writer!
Whether or not she had another novel in her we shall never know. Maybe it’s the call for recognition that propels writers forwards or just that we’re restless souls? All I know is that writing is akin to exercise; if I don’t do it then I feel guilty!


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