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Synopsis writing

on October 18, 2013

Writer's block
The dreaded synopsis-aarrgghh! I have just started work on my synopsis, having put it off for as long as I can. But if you want to be considered serious about the craft of writing, then it is an essential. It’s all very well having your book out on platforms such as Kindle and Goodreads, but there are plenty more avenues available and a synopsis is required. I have delayed and procrastinated about it because I’ve felt quite indignant about writing one in the first place!
In fact it can be as arduous as writing a book in the first place, but hopefully not as long a process! It’s hard not to write things like “Then he went here and then he did that…”. After all you don’t want it to sound like what you had to write at school about your holidays- “I had a really nice time on holiday at my granny’s house, she fed me ice-cream and then we went to the seaside…” Actually, maybe I should have written a book about my granny, happy days!
It’s a balancing act between getting the facts across without it sounding too dry but without too many adjectives. I mean who came up with the idea of a synopsis in the first place? Surely it’s enough just to write a covering letter saying “Please read my book it’s really good, after all, my granny told me!”


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