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Eternal optimist?

on October 10, 2013


Is it just me or do you find cheerful, upbeat people irritating?! Now I’m not talking about surrounding yourself with miserable people, nobody wants that. I’m talking about people who never express any feelings of frustration, unhappiness or dissatisfaction with their lives. What kind of life is it where one never experiences any feelings of discontent or upset? I think a lot of people are scared of other people’s reactions if they ever expressed themselves genuinely or honestly. Obviously we wouldn’t get far on our shopping trips in the mall if we asked friends we bumped into how they were, if they then started crying on your shoulder about their pet tortoise that had just died!
Anybody who knows me would never call me an optimist per se, I prefer to call it being a realist, and I’m quite happy with being a grumpy old bugger, thank you very much! Maybe I’m just envious of people who walk around with a smile permanently fixed on their faces (moments pause)- nope, irritating!
But hang on, I’m an author, surely I must be an eternal optimist. Why then would I spend hundreds of hours toiling away on a manuscript, sitting quietly all alone in a café, then spending almost as much time editing and proof-reading? Then when all is completed to my satisfaction I send it out into the big, bad, wide world in the hope that millions of people will be inspired by what I have written.
So after all is said and done, I must be the world’s biggest optimist there is after all.
Hang on, is that a smile I see forming on my lips?


3 responses to “Eternal optimist?

  1. justmoo33 says:

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head. As a writer – grumpiness aside – YOU ARE an eternal optimist!


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