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I want to be alone!

on June 6, 2013

Desert island
We all know writing is a lonely business as you can’t undertake the process with immediate company present. Many authors write at different times of day in complete solitude, no matter the weather and are very strict with their word count. I envy these writers as they manage to fill many pages with their self-discipline. I tend to do most of my writing during the inclement months, which is pretty much all-year round! I find that when it is sunny and hot it is easy to get distracted by outdoor pursuits.
My routine is to exercise in the morning to get in the right frame of mind, then I go to one of the many cafes in my town and write there. I find that the perfect time is around 15:00 onwards as you’re not likely to find children running around and ruining the creative flow! I have learnt over time though to pack a pair of ear-phones to drown out people’s overly-loud conversations! I was in a café once where there was a particular gentleman who couldn’t have spoken any louder if he had a megaphone. No amount of annoyed and serious glances thrown his way had any affect on his monologue. Suffice to say I didn’t manage to get much work done and I found out everything about his life that day. That reminds me I must send his Auntie Doris a ‘Get Well Card’ as “she suffers terribly with her lumbago!”


2 responses to “I want to be alone!

  1. active40 says:

    To many lovely ladies for me, I would not get a thing done, so fair play to ya.


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